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They're cute and trendy, but knots are "knot" easy to tie in your clothes—tee shirts stretch out and ponytail holders...well, be honest, they don't make pretty knots.  A couple of years ago, I wanted to make knot tying simple by creating a product that could gather a knot anywhere in your clothes without excess stretching, tugging or pulling on the fabric. After some trial and error with different designs, I successfully made a little gadget that worked! And, the first  twist-tee knot™ was formed.


Twist-tee knot™ is versatile! Use it on the outside of your clothes where the knot is visible, or place on the inside and pull fabric through for gathers to cinch up any outfit for the perfect fit! It's easy. It's fun. It's economical. Transform the clothes you already own—dress up your tee shirt, gather a loose-fitting top or dress, knot a maxi skirt, turn a scarf into a poncho. Take your favorite basics and add a twist! 

Jennifer Jones

Creator of twist-tee knot™
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